Drugged Children - A New Epidemic

A Crime Against Childhood

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"Kids and teens are being medicated in record numbers..."
— Katie Couric, Today Show

Without a doubt, parenting books currently on the market are in large part the reason for children being out of control. During the past 50 years "feel good parenting" has created a nation of parents playing therapist, rewarding with attention the very behaviors that drive them crazy. As the behaviors become worse, they are given a diagnosis which can only be solved by medication. It is outrageous that we have children labeled as childhood bipolar at ages 2-1/2 and 3!

Read about the case against Joseph Biederman. Another physician, Dr. Lawrence Diller, accuses him as "morally culpable in providing the 'science' that allowed a little girl to die as a result of being given psychotropic medications."

In From Difficult to Delightful in Just 30 Days, Dr. Azerrad, a successful psychologist with over 35 years experience treating children without drugs, tells parents "only 5% of the children medicated need pills; the other 95% need discipline and parents who teach values."

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Turn your "problem" child into a happy child — no drugs, no therapy, no nonsense.

  • Use real time-outs
    to teach self-control
  • Deal with the root cause
  • Read an exposé on the medical profession and its epidemic of drugged children


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