Comments from Physicians

"As a practicing pediatrician in the Boston area, I have had numerous occasion to need referral help in behavioral and psychological problems with children. Dr. Jacob Azerrad has been a reliable resource for children and their families with a variety of psychological problems.

I have had parents and children report excellent results with Dr. Azerrad. I have been especially pleased with parents of children with obsessive behaviors or family dysfuntion. His very practical approach has been very reassuring and successful with many families I have sent to him."
—Charles S. Brown, MD, Newton Wellesley Pediatrics

"I have sent many families to Dr. Azerrad. His input has been very helpful. I saw one of these families recently. Several years ago they were having a difficult time with their now seven-year-old son. He has become a delight. I asked what factor played the biggest role in bringing about this change. Without a pause, the mother said, 'Dr. Azerrad.' I don't know of a better recommendation."
—Ron Schneebaum, MD, FAAP, Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine of Carlisle, PC

"I am highly recommending Dr. Azerrad, a well-known clinical psychologist in Lexington, MA. I have referred patients to him for the past 10 years. These cases are usually of the most difficult type consisting of parents having children with severe behavioral problems. He works wonders for these troubled families where others have failed to help. I again highly advise using Dr. Azerrad as a solid asset in your referral system."
—Gary L. Goldfarb, MD


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