"Azerrad attacks and ridicules popular parenting trends with gusto. He fiercely condemns the coddling—and especially the medicating—that many of the current gurus swear will cure tantrums and naughtiness, until the reader is braced for some scary discipline methods to unfold. But they don't. Instead, he takes the usual methods—time-outs for bad behaviors and praise for good ones—and treats them like a science. Follow these steps, in the right order and under the right conditions, and you'll eliminate your child's confusion about the best ways to get attention. You will see immediate improvements in your child's behavior—without medication—he promises."
—NY Newsday

"Child rearing psychologist and renowned parenting authority Azerrad (Anyone Can Have A Happy Child) here criticizes the medical establishment's predilection to diagnose a child's misbehavior as a symptom of psychological disorder and prescribe drugs as treatment. He argues that childhood behaviors are learned, first and foremost, from mothers and fathers and that parents should teach their children three things: that disappointment is a part of living; that they need to learn how to control their own behavior; and that other people's needs, feelings and wishes should be understood and respected. To achieve these goals, he continues, parents need to look at their children with a new set of eyes, in a positive, praiseworthy way, and also keep a diary of their children's behavior. Azerrad has extremely specific rules concerning time-outs and includes an "ABCD" sequence for a simple nuture response that he claims produces positive results. Azerrad is quite opinionated, and if you can get past that, there is much to be gleaned from his approach."
—Library Journal Review

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Turn your "problem" child into a happy child — no drugs, no therapy, no nonsense.

  • Use real time-outs
    to teach self-control
  • Deal with the root cause
  • Read an exposé on the medical profession and its epidemic of drugged children


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