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Dr. Azerrad published this series of articles in The Minuteman Chronicle in 1989, which address a number of common issues parents face in raising children.

3 Simple Steps from Difficult to Delightful

Common Sense on Medicating Children

A Crime Against Childhood

50 Years of Feel-Good Parenting

Myths about Behavior Often Repeated in Therapy
Psychotherapy for children is often based on uncovering and understanding "emotional disturbances," a process we are told may go on for many years. The failure to improve during this time is seen as a failure by the patient, rather than the therapist. While foregoing opportunities to seek help elsewhere, parents often watch as the problems grow worse. This kind of therapy, often referred to as "play therapy," is as effective as being placed on a waiting list for the same period of time without therapy.

Problem Eaters Don't Need More Attention
Picky eaters thrive on the extra attention they get for making an issue of food. Often the best solution for this kind of problem is to stop giving this attention, and to let the natural contingencies (if you don't eat, you get hungry!) come into play.

Parents Need to Encourage Thirst for Learning
"Hyperactivity," "Learning Disorder," and "Attention Deficit Disorder" are all labels for the same old behaviors - psychologists just change the label every five years or so! Why do some children have trouble learning to read? The answers aren't simple, but it may be that parents can do more to encourage learning.

Knowing When to Administer Emotional Medicine
Praise for children is a powerful "emotional medicine." But like other kinds of medicine, there are cautions for using it effectively. Too much indiscriminate praise is not a good thing, any more than too little. Praise must be specific to be effective. And parent's should avoid praise that is actually criticism.

The Psychology Trap
Parents Magazine - July 2002
When kids act like little devils, the reason may be simpler than you think.

Article Cites Increase in Kids' Bad Behavior
Boston Sunday Globe - September 2001
Boston Sunday Globe article that discusses the increase in kids' bad behavior.

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