Anyone Can Have a Happy Child -
How to Nurture Emotional Intelligence

Does your child fight with classmates and friends, have trouble playing competitive games, have temper-tantrums, nightmares, is difficult or has eating problems? Jacob Azerrad, Ph.D. can help! Dr. Azerrad is a noted child psychologist whose unique and unorthodox methods have been getting astonishing results. With more than thirty years of experience, this child psychologist seldom sees children - he advises the parents! Dr. Azerrad says, "Play therapy is a total waste of time and money." Instead, he teaches parents how to change their children's behavior without spending time analyzing, discussing or lecturing. He shows parents how to teach their children behaviors that are the foundation of self-esteem, success, and happiness. His well received book, ANYONE CAN HAVE A HAPPY CHILD: How to Nurture Emotional Intelligence, is a step-wise, easy-to-follow book that helps parents nurture appropriate behavior and feeling.

Want an antidote for the DIFFICULT CHILD, the EXPLOSIVE CHILD, OPPOSITIONAL DEFIANT CHILD, the SPIRITED CHILD? ANYONE CAN HAVE A HAPPY CHILD will help parents dispel the myth that difficult child behavior is only minimally changeable (the "he can't help it." myth.) In fact, the labels that mental health professionals give children (difficult, spirited, explosive, and oppositional defiant disordered) though at times may be temperamentally based, can be changed by way of behavioral learning-based methods. As Daniel Goleman has said, "TEMPERAMENT IS NOT DESTINY." By changing the child's environment, parents can help change these behaviors. Dr. Azerrad contends that destructive behaviors can effectively change, in a relatively brief period of time. "There are no difficult children - only parents who, with the best of intentions, nurture difficult child behaviors and do not set appropriate limits for their children," says Dr. Azerrad.

In his book, Dr. Azerrad shows parents how to notice and nurture positive behaviors. This way, the child gains a greater feeling of self-esteem and becomes happier and better behaved. In his book, he discusses:

  • The truth about "stages," and "temperament problems"
  • How to teach your child self-control
  • What to do when your child has a tantrum
  • How parents, with the best of intentions, nurture tantrums and other "difficult" behaviors
  • How to set up a real time-out
  • Why play therapy is a hoax
  • A workable system for positive parenting that any parent can learn

In simple language, Dr. Azerrad explains why children behave as they do. ANYONE CAN HAVE A HAPPY CHILD is an indispensable guide for parents who want to teach successful behaviors that will make their children feel good about themselves.

Reader Comments:

"I have just finished reading your book, Anyone Can Have A Happy Child. It is truly amazing how simply you have put into words the best way to reach our children."

" constant nagging didn't seem to have any effect. A week of praising and a lot of things began to turn is amazing when I looked closely at my children and I found so much to praise."

"All I can say is that I hope a lot more people take your book and use it to help their children. Happy children make for very happy parents."

"Last week I found a gem. I found Anyone Can Have a Happy Child...Dr. Azerrad, please don't stop here. Your message is equally applicable to young adults, marriage partners, teachers, nurses - every human being who must deal with another human being."


"This is the most practical parenting book that I have ever read. Being an educator, I wish I had copies to give to all of my parents at school. Finally, a book that supports parents by using common sense and natural consequences eliminating the guilt too many of us take on. The methods described in this book help parents become better parents by showing them how to teach their children ways to behave that will put them in touch with the multitude of satisfactions our world has to offer. I loved this book and highly recommend it to any and all parents!!!

Dr. Azerrad shows parents how to notice and nurture positive behaviors. The child then gains a greater feeling of self-esteem and becomes happier and better behaved. Anyone Can Have A Happy Child is a valuable guide for parents to teach children appropriate, emotionally intelligent behavior so that people want to be with them."
- reviewed by Jane Webb, Midwest Parenting Publications

"Readable, easy-to-understand... a common-sense plan for changing a child's behavior which stresses the nurturing... of behaviors that contribute to feelings of self-worth, satisfaction and happiness."
- Library Journal

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"The teachable moment, which is teh key to teaching values and behavior, happens right after you praise a child for something he or she has done that pleases you, that represents a valued behavior you would like to see repeated and, more than repeated, become part of his or her personality."



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