How to Stop Tantrums In Less Than A Week

by Jacob Azerrad, PhD

MELTDOWN MAGIC will for the first time teach parents:

  • how to use time out
  • when to use time out
  • a time out which lasts only three minutes
  • time out that will end hitting, biting, tantruming, in less than a week


  • a time to calm down
  • a time to reflect on misdeeds
  • a breather

Time out is punishment without spanking, yelling or screaming.

MELTDOWN MAGIC in 3 simple loving steps will teach parents how to end tantrums in less than a week.

Jacob Azerrad, Ph.D.
Author of Anyone Can Have a Happy Child (Warner Books) and
From Difficult to Delightful In Just 30 Days (McGraw Hill)

Psychologist to Adults, Children and Families

Jacob Azerrad, PhDDr. Azerrad is a licensed clinical psychologist with extensive experience in treating both children and adults. He has combined his initial training in psychoanalytic theory and later training in behavior therapy to achieve a highly effective short-term approach to therapy.

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Author of the acclaimed book "From Difficult to Delightful in 30 Days," Dr. Azerrad has been extremely effective in helping parents regain control of unruly children, advocating more effective parenting techniques over medication to correct bad behavior. He has appeared on television and in the media, spreading his message to "stop drugging children." Click here to learn more about booking him as a speaker.

Dr. Azerrad also treats a wide range of adult issues, such as anxiety, depression, phobias, marital and couple issues, panic disorder, Asperger's, social skills, autism, bipolar disorder, anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders, and assertiveness training.

Dr. Azerrad will meet with individuals, couples, or families. Click here to learn more about his practice.


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"I am highly recommending Dr. Azerrad, a well-known clinical psychologist in Lexington, MA. I have referred patients to him for the past 10 years. These cases are usually of the most difficult type consisting of parents having children with severe behavioral problems. He works wonders for these troubled families where others have failed to help. I again highly advise using Dr. Azerrad as a solid asset in your referral system."
—Gary L. Goldfarb, MD

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